Troutfest Volunteers

Troutfest is blessed with a great group of volunteers and has been for years. It takes a lot of talented people to plan and implement an event on this scale. The Troutfest Steering Committee meets 5 times per year to plan the event. They are listed below. Troutfest requires about 160 volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering please go to the menu item "Be a Volunteer". Thank you all for supporting Troutfest.


Wayne Everbach, Warren Cornelius, Byron Begley
Shelia Bolinger, George Lane

Troutfest Store
Joe McGroom
Joe Hatton

Troutfest Journal
Neil Smith
Betty Wollard

Parking & Signs
Ross Shaver

Casting Contest
Paula Begley

T-Shirts and Hats
Joe Hatton

Event Planning/Scheduling
George Davis

Zach Matthews

Tom Eustis

Joe Hatton

Special Guests
Ron Wollard

Consulting Members
Frank Bryant - Chota Outdoor Gear
Rob Fightmaster
Randy Hamilton
Kevin Howell - Davidson River Outfitters
Dick Geiger
Matt Kulp - Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Zach Matthews
Steve Moore - Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Rick Murphree - First Tennessee Bank
Rick Pope - Temple Fork Outfitters
Bill Reed - The Orvis Company

Byron Begley
Randy Frank
Jeremy Tinsley
Gary Verholek

Steve Hines

Troutfest Steering Committee

Chairman: Bill Guinn
Vice Chairman: Michael Bryant
Secretary/Treasurer: Shelia Bolinger
LRCTU President: Rufus King
Chairman Marketing: David Anderson

Cyndie Cornelius
Dave Ezell
Rufus King
Ashley Pfeiffer
Josh Pfeiffer
Mike Stiehl

Advertising and Marketing
David Anderson
Clayton Gist
Byron Begley
Joe Rentz
Neil Smith
Betty Wollard
Dave Ezell

Volunteer Coordinators
Ron Becker
Terry Becker

Food Service at Banquet
Paula Begley
Jack Gregory
Rose Stiehl

Ticket Sales
Bill Bolinger
Sheila Bolinger

Music and Sound
Warren Cornelius

Exhibition Group
Michael Bryant
Byron Begley
George Davis   
Jack Gregory

Setup, Teardown & Maintenance
Bill Guinn
Joe Hatton

Fly Tying Demonstrations
Sarah Weeks

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